Performance Marketing

Our selected premium publishers deliver millions of responsive users with 100%
pay-for-performance model

Proprietary Ad Units

Ad content is tailored to increase brand engagement for the audience and
drive app downloads

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AppZilo App

You can be our publisher, share your favourite
apps with friends and make money for
every installs

For Advertisers
Effective Ad Units

We innovate, design and develop
custom units which offers engaging
opportunities that lead to great
user interaction and receives
10x better engagement.

Global Reach & Target

Promote your app to global market
and reach the right audience by
targeting your ads to specific
location, platform, device type,
medium and more.

Powerful Analytics

Measure and optimize your
campaign's impression, click,
click-through rate and more with
our simple yet robust dashboard.

For Publishers
High Payouts

We deliver up to 80% payout
rate to maximize your revenue
opportunities with high yield
advertisers. We're publishers too
and share the same interest!

Easy Integration

Just copy paste the code to app
or website and you are done.
Ads will begin showing when
offers are available and relevant
to your users.

Premium Advertisers

We work with hundreds of leading
advertisers that will enhance your
site and the value of its ad space.
You get high impact and quality
ad inventory.